Kids Club Savings Accounts

Teach your kids the importance of saving for the future.

When your child opens a Kids Club Account, they get to participate in the MONEY GRAB! The child reaches their hand into a giant jar of coins. We’ll count money they are able to hold with one hand and they get to keep it! Plus, every time your child makes a deposit, they get to draw a prize from our treasure chest full of toys. You will no longer have to persuade your child to save money again! Open Kids Accounts for your children today!

  • $5.50 to open
  • Ages 0-18
  • Dividends paid monthly
  • Joint owner necessary
  • Lifetime membership

Kide Club Savings Rates

Account Type

Minimum Deposit


Kids Club Savings Account
*APY (Annual Percentage Yield) calculations are based on monthly compound interest for checking and money market accounts and quarterly compound interest for savings and certificate accounts and assumes principal and interest remain on deposit at current rate for one year. However, rates are subject to change without notice.
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Vice President

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