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Rewards Points

With an E1CU Visa card, you can earn free travel rewards including airline tickets, car rental, cruises and hotel stays. Your rewards points are also good for cash rebates and gift cards to over one hundred different places including gas stations, retail stores, recreation, entertainment and much more.

For Credit Cards, every dollar you spend one point is awarded. For Debit Card transaction that are signed for, one point is awarded for every $3 spent. For Debit Card transactions using your PIN number, one points is awarded for ever $6 dollars spent. Twice a year double or more rewards points for every dollar spend are available to every member that uses their Visa card. Look for information on when these specials are available.

If you actively use a Visa debit or credit card with E1CU, you automatically have rewards points. Check them now!

We have updated the way to check and redeem rewards balances – simply log in to your online banking account. From there, click on the Menu dropdown and select Credit Card Rewards under the Services section. You can easily redeem your rewards points for cash, gift cards, charitable donations, and book your travel directly from the rewards site!

Credit Card Rewards