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Invest: Traveling

April 15, 2015 by Lonny in April, Invest with 0 Comments

It is a common life goal to want to travel the world, but there are often things holding us back: Oh, I don’t have the money right now… Going on a vacation would feel irresponsible at this time… My kids are too young to remember this trip… I’ll go when the kids move out… And so many other excuses! We need to change our mindset about traveling and look at it as an investment rather than a splurge.

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If you’re serious about wanting to travel, it’s like saving money for anything else. If you’d save to go on a shopping spree, put that money towards a plane ticket instead. We can accumulate all this stuff in our homes, but eventually all that stuff gets lost or broken or replaced, but memories from trips will always be there. There is something to be said for waiting to travel until you’re in retirement, but there is also something to be said for not waiting, and taking big vacations while you’re young and vigorous. Kids may not remember traveling, but showing them different cultures ways of living is priceless.

If you must have something to show for your travels, you could take lots of pictures and scrapbook them. Or you could decide on a specific thing to buy from each destination (like snow globes, shot glasses, magnets, spoons, t-shirts, etc.) and display them in your home. If you’re really extreme, check out this tattoo that gets filled in once a country has been visited:




So? Where are you heading off to this spring and summer?

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