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Invest: Real Estate

March 11, 2015 by Lonny in Invest, March with 0 Comments

download (4)Here’s the thing: the amount of room on this earth is limited. Buying land and investing in real estate is a worthwhile endeavor, but it can be confusing and overwhelming. So I’ve gathered a few articles that should help you through picking a good investment.

Simple Ways to Invest in Real Estate This article describes various ways to easily dabble in the real estate investment waters.

Top 10 Features of a Profitable Rental Property What makes a good rental property are the same things that you look for in your own home: a nice neighborhood, low crime rates, good schools, and a few other things.

5 Mistakes Real Estate Investors Should Avoid The real estate investment game is constantly changing, and investors new to the game can make some amateur mistakes.

Real Estate Investment Insurance This is an actual insurance site that is trying to sell you their products, but it points out some issues that occur often to a real estate investor that can be covered with proper insurance.

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