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Donate: Heart Disease

February 11, 2015 by Lonny in Donate, February with 0 Comments

In this month of hearts, let’s take a moment to consider the anatomical heart.



A heart works hard, in fact it never stops working. And look at how many specific parts make up a whole heart. It’s no wonder heart disease is so prevalent. So this Valentine’s Day, or any time this month, I encourage you to donate to your favorite heart disease charity. Here are a few that I found fairly easy:

Heart disease is very complex. It can cause other health issues, and is often caused by other health problems. It is hereditary which means that if someone in you immediate family has been diagnosed with heart disease, then you are at a higher risk.

Here’s the thing with donating: there are TONS of charities out there. There’s no way anyone could give to every charity. So the trick is to simply pick a just few charities that are near and dear to your heart and donate to those ones (personally, I usually choose to donate to breast cancer cure funds because my mom is a survivor). Even though there are five different charities that I’ve given you the links for, don’t feel pressured to donate to every single one.

To find out your risk for a heart attack, click the button!

Heart Attack Risk Calculator

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